Software-Testing-Tools for C, C++ and Java

Software applications become more and more complex. Competition pressure highers the requirements, since you have to combine high quality software and fast time-to-market. In order to meet these demands, i.e. increase productivity as well as the software quality, developers and project managers need efficient testing tools.

The finish company Testwell Oy (Tampere), provides tools to test and analyse software projects written in C, C++ and Java. The easy-to-use Testwell tools reduces testing and validation costs dramatically. Therefore they enable a faster time-to-market for software products and increase the software quality. Testwell test tools are used in most safety-critical projects (also for embedded systems) in medical and automotive industry. Industrie leaders like Siemens Transportation Systems, Knorr Bremse, ZF Lenksysteme and ZF Friedrichshafen, Thales and the Federal Office for Security (Bundesamt für Sicherheit) in Bonn as well as important telecom projects with companies like Siemens, Alcatel and Nokia are using Testwell technology.

Testwell's leading technologies:

Testwell-Testtools are available from Verifysoft Technology for Windows, Solaris, HP and Linux focusing on the following features:

* Coverage-Analysis

* Metrics

* Unit- / Module-test ("Streamline your development process")


Systems-fair 2001 in Munich:

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CTC++ is a powerful instrumentation-based tool supporting testing and tuning of programmes written in C and C++. This coverage-analyser supports coverage for function, decision, statement, condition and multi-condition. The result is shown on a text or HTML-report.

The CTC++ coverage analyser is available for coverage measuring in the host, for operating systems kernel (kernelcoverage) as well as for targets (embedded systems). Run-time behaviour is increased by 16% maximum. CTC++ is integrated in Microsoft Visual C++, Borland and WindRiver Tornado. further information

Metrics: CMT++ (for C and C++) and CMTJava (for Java)

Code complexity has effect on how difficult it is to test and maintain an application. Complex code is likely to contain more errors than a straitforward code. Therefore metrics like McCabe Cyclomatic Number, Halsteads Software Science Metrics and Line-of-Code-Metrics should be used. CMT++ supports them all. The tool can be customised by the user for company coding standards (alarmlimits). CMT++ identifies complex and error-prone code. As there is usually too little time to inspect all the code carefully, it is an important step to select this most error-prone modules. CMT++ also gives an estimation of the number of test cases needed to test all paths of a function and gives you an idea of how many bugs you should find to have a "clean" code. further information C/C++ / JAVA

Modul- / Unit-Test

Detecting bugs as early as possible in the development process saves a maximum amount of time and money. CTB is a state-of-the-art module-testing-tool for the C programming language, which allows to test the code at a very early development stage. As soon as the module compiles the test bed can be generated on it without any additional programming. If needed stubs can be used to emulate the functions called from modules that may be not existing yet. CTB supports the so-called specification-based (black-box) testing approach from "ad-hoc-trial" to systematic script-based regression-tests. Tests can run in an interactive mode with a C-like command interface as well as script file-based and made automatic. The look and feel of the test bed execution is as if the test driver would read the test main program and immediately execute it command-by-command and show what happens. CTB works together with coverage analysis tools, such as CTC++. Testwell CTB detects bugs which could not or only through harsh searching be detected and only later in the development process. The use of CTB leads to higher test-coverage and more security, since many modules would not be tested by application tests. further information



for Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Eastern Europe: Verifysoft Technology GmbH

for UK and Ireland: Innovative Infomedia Ltd.

all other countries: Testwell Oy

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